Alcohol, the Spirit of Green Cleaning 

Why use Alcohol instead of Ammonia in Claira Cleaners?  Is using Alcohol in cleaning products bad? 

Many cleaning products on the market, particularly glass cleaners like Windex®, are made with ammonia. Ammonia is typically used for cleaning because of its very effective grease-cutting capabilities which leaves a "streak-free" shine. However, ammonia has a strong odor and releases high amounts of toxic VOCs. When mixed with bleach, ammonia creates a highly toxic vapor bi-product called chloramines. Chloramines, also known as mustard gas, is a severe eye, throat, and respiratory irritant and can be lethal.

Most chemical cleaning products contain either bleach or ammonia so the chances of mixing these products when cleaning can be pretty high if you are unaware of the contents of your cleaners. Alcohol, particularly ethanol or "grain alcohol," is an excellent nontoxic, naturally derived alternative to ammonia. Ethanol or Ethyl alcohol is distilled from grain such as corn.  Alcohol, especially in concentrated forms is excellent for cutting grease and evaporates quickly. Quick evaporation creates a similar "streak-free" shine to ammonia but without the chemicals and harsh fumes.

Alcohol is nontoxic and breaks down quickly making it a safe cleaning product. All Claira cleaners are made without ammonia and the purest ethanol alcohol. Try Claira French Lavender Glass Cleaner and we guarantee you will throw that Windex® in the trash.  

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