Are Natural Cleaning Products Effective?

Contrary to popular belief, natural cleaning products can be as effective as their synthetic counterparts.

It is a common misconception that when it comes to cleaning products, “natural” is synonymous ineffective. Why the bad rap?

Often natural or organic products are diluted to keep the cost of the product comparable to a synthetic chemical-laden alternative. This poses a problem because diluted versions require more time, more applied product, and more elbow grease. (Let’s face it, we want cleaning to be as quick and easy as possible!)

However, in concentrated forms, natural products can be equally effective - if not superior - to their chemical counterparts. For example, D-limonene, a solvent made from cold-pressed citrus peel oils, works as effectively as ammonia or turpentine in cutting through grease and oil. In fact, Claira Sweet Citrus Cleaner and Degreaser which is made with D-limonene was originally formulated for cleaning artist oil paints and polyurethane off brushes. Claira cleaners are some of the most concentrated ALL NATURAL cleaners available on the market today and have undergone years of testing and trial for effectiveness. Look for future video comparisons of product efficacy and look out for diluted versions of common natural cleaners.

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