Streaky is Freaky

What Causes Streaks on Windows?

Have you ever used a glass cleaner seeking crystal clear windows only to be disappointment by a quite smudgy scene? What is it exactly that causes streaks on windows? There are a few different reasons for this cleaning conundrum.

Sometimes streaks on windows are caused because the windows are just very dirty. If not enough product is used to clean the glass, dirty residue can still be left behind. Try using more product or make a second pass over the glass to remove any streaks left after the first try.

Another cause for streakiness is the use of too much soap in a window cleaning product. Soap is often added to window cleaners because its molecules attract dirt and grease and draw it into the water base of the product. However, if soap residue is left behind, it can cause the glass to have a cloudy result.

Too much water, on the other hand, is just as bad as too much soap in a window cleaner. We’ve often heard of streaking caused by "water spots" on glass surfaces after cleaning. This happens because too much water in your glass cleaner causes the product to take too long to evaporate, the product pools on the glass and the slow drying end up leaving undesirable spots.

Often water spots are worsened by mineral buildup such as calcium in the water. Using an acidic window cleaner helps to remove water spots because the acid softens and removes trace minerals in the water. Vinegar is often used as a natural glass cleaner because of its acidity and effectiveness in hard water but it has a sour unpleasant odor. Ammonia-based glass cleaners are great for leaving that coveted streak-free shine but at the cost of exposing yourself, your family, and the environment to toxic chemicals.

The best choice for streak-free glass and windows is a natural alcohol-based cleaner with little or no soap like Claira French Lavender Glass Cleaner. With no soap, rapid evaporation, acidic pH, and blissful lavender aroma this cleaner leave a streak-free shine every time.


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