Why are natural products more expensive?

Natural products are often overlooked based on the price tag. They can seem (and generally are) priced higher than conventional products, due to the quality of ingredients and manufacturing practices. As the saying often goes, “You get what you pay for.”

Natural products, such as cleaning and beauty products, use higher quality ingredients. These ingredients can be costlier to source and harder to locate. Organic farming is more time-intensive, unlike conventional farming that use chemicals and pesticides. Since organic farmers do not use chemicals or pesticides on their crops, it requires more time and labor to produce them. Most conventional cleaning products use synthetic and harmful ingredients because they are cheaper to manufacture.

Natural companies are usually smaller operations than their competitors. By keeping the company small, it allows them to maintain product quality and ethical manufacturing. Natural companies often pay their employees a fair wage and provide a safe work environment, while most conventional manufacturers are dedicated to whatever means that can reduce overhead costs. Subsequently, supporting natural product companies supports fair labor practices.

The question is now “How can natural products become cheaper?” The answer is supply and demand. The more consumers buy natural products, the more affordable they will become. Understandably, we all want to save money, but should the cost be exposing ourselves to toxic chemicals to save a few dollars?

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